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Used mini excavators by GERL Baumaschinen Austria

Used mini-excavators – Information on mini-excavators from GERL

The mission for used mini-excavators:

Used mini-excavators are highly appreciated in building gaps, inner courtyards, cemeteries, farms or in gardens, parks and parks due to their minimally invasive use.
Used mini-excavators are ideal for private use, as they can be used without any danger to neighboring buildings. Also with the small size of the small excavator – you are very flexible, mobile and maneuverable – also with the use of corresponding trailers. This is also an advantage when transporting this used construction machine.

The various used mini-excavator types and versions:
We offer a wide range of brands and manufacturers of used mini-excavators. The construction ranges from 700 kg to 162 t and a width of 70 cm to 2.50 m.
Compact-excavators have a top speed of 1.5 km / h to 5 km / h. These mini-excavators are very popular on the used market.
Used mini-excavators also achieve very good prices when you sell them again.
The large capacity / range of application as well as their usability for small sites and the agricultural use make the small compact-excavators also a very popular working tool also for private persons. There are a variety of attachments and mini-excavator accessories for these small excavators.
Used mini-excavator grapples, shovels, spoons, cone splitters, hydraulic hammers, wooden grabs, two-piece grabs and earth auger make the used mini excavators a universal working tool.
The products are available for older as well as for new mini-excavators and micro-excavators.
On small as well as large construction sites the various designs of the mini-excavators are very often used.
Compared to new purchases from mini-excavators, the used compact-excavators are more cheap and inexpensive. Even older used mini-excavators can be modernized again with new attachments.
We have a large inventory of quality used mini excavators. At Gerl Baumaschinen you have the opportunity to buy the perfect mini-excavator. As an Austrian specialist with more than 40 years of experience, we offer you a wide range of used mini-excavators. We are happy to advise you on the right choice and when buying your used mini excavator or used midi excavator!
Used mini-excavators are to be favored over a new purchase.

Send us your inquiry concerning used mini-excavators!

Your advantages of used mini-excavators:

  • Longevity and ease of maintenance
  • Flexible and highly effective in use
  • User-friendly with high compaction
  • Various models for different application areas
  • Large selection of different used mini-excavators
  • Many brands and manufacturers
  • Perfect for use in small spaces
    Top serviced and immediately operational

We are already looking forward to finding the perfect match for you!
Used mini-excavators!

Manufacturers of used mini-excavators:

The machines of these manufacturers are considered high-quality and reliable. For this reason these used mini-excavators are still in a top condition even after years of use.
You can buy used mini-excavators without hesitation.
Used mini-excavators are very light and have very small dimensions. The equipment includes a small blade and a number of attachments. Such as trenches, hydraulic hammers or augers.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. We have a wide range of used mini-excavators on our factory site.