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Used Single-Drum-Roller from GERL Austria

Used Single-Drum-Roller – Information on GERL Used Smooth-Drum-Roller

You would like to buy a used single-drum-roller or used smooth-drum roller? Then GERL is the right address for you! You can find a large selection of the leading European manufacturers such as Bomag, Hamm, Ammann, Dynapac, Caterpillar, ABG and many more. Wherever you need your used single-drum-roller, we offer worldwide delivery.
At GERL you can buy used single-drum-rollers with a total weight of 5t, 6t, 7t, 8t, 9t, 10t, 11t, 12t, 13t, 14t, 15t, 16t, 17t up until 22t, with a performance of 40 up until 160 kW. We are also happy to offer you used single-drum-rollers from GERL rentals – depending on availability.
GERL has always been specialized in the sales of used rollers and we offer those in our usual GERL-quality.
A single-drum-roller is equipped with a roller drum and two tires. Instead of a smooth roller drum, a used single-drum-roller can also be equipped with a padfoot drum or a padfoot drum or a stampfood buckstay. Scrapers prevent that ground soil sticks to the roller-drum, especially with loamy soil. Single-drum-rollers are also offered with all-wheel-drive, compaction gauge, vario-control, etc.
You cannot find your desired used single-drum-roller? No problem: Please contact us or send us an enquiry – we will find your desired used machine for you.
You would like to rent a used roller? Please contact us, we are happy to make you an offer!

All our offers are ex work, excluding VAT, subject to prior sale.
Used machines are a matter of trust. We keep whatever we promise.

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