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Used Air CompressorsUsed Air Compressors
Used Attachments/PartsUsed Attachments/Parts
Used Cold Milling MachineUsed Cold Milling Machine
Used Combination RollerUsed Combination Roller
Used CranesUsed Cranes
Used Crawler LoaderUsed Crawler Loader
Used Crushing/ScreeningUsed Crushing/Screening
Used Demolition ExcavatorUsed Demolition Excavator
Used DozerUsed Dozer
Used Dump TruckUsed Dump Truck
Used Hammer/DrillsUsed Hammer/Drills
Used ExcavatorUsed Excavator
Used Forklift/TelehandlerUsed Forklift/Telehandler
Used Handling MachineUsed Handling Machine
Used Loader BackhoeUsed Loader Backhoe
Used Mini DumperUsed Mini Dumper
Used Mini ExcavatorUsed Mini Excavator
Used Mobile ExcavatorUsed Mobile Excavator
Used Motor GraderUsed Motor Grader
Used PipelayerUsed Pipelayer
Used PlantsUsed Plants
Used Single-Drum RollerUsed Single-Drum Roller
Used Skid Steer LoaderUsed Skid Steer Loader
Used Special MachinesUsed Special Machines
Special OffersSpecial Offers
Used Tandem RollerUsed Tandem Roller
Used Tracked PaverUsed Tracked Paver
Used Trucks/VehiclesUsed Trucks/Vehicles
Used Wheeled PaverUsed Wheeled Paver
Used WheelloaderUsed Wheelloader

Used Special Machines from GERL construction machines

Used Special Machines, Special-Purpose Machines – Information on GERL Special Machines

At GERL we consider a special-purpose machine as a used machine, which cannot be categorized within a standardized machine group.

These used machines can be one of the following:

Used Scraper, Used Timberland Machines or Forwarder, Used Concrete Pumps, Used Wheel Dozers, Used Shredders and Shredder Plants, Used Earth Movers and Scrape Dozers, Used Ram and Drag, Devices, Used Landfill Compactors, Used Trench Cutting Machines and many more…

Used Vibration Pile Drivers, Vibration Ram Devices, Vibration Ram Hammer, used Leaders, e.g. add-on vibrator who will be installed at the stick boom of a hydraulic excavator, Used Telescopic Leader Mast who is suitable for piling and drilling jobs, typically in urban developments.

At GERL you get used special-purpose machines of different manufacturers such as MÜLLER, ABI, ICE, PVE, DELMAG, MO BILRAM, DITCH WITCH, MGF, TIMBERJACK, VALMET, HSM, LOKOMO and many more.

From the beginning on GERL machines has put a lot of focus on buying and selling used special-purpose machines and we have been offering these in the usual and high GERL quality, and if desired we of course deliver worldwide.
You cannot find your desired machine? No problem: please give us a call or send us your inquiry – we will find the special machine you need for you.

All our offers are ex work, excluding VAT, subject to prior sale.
Used machines are a matter of trust. We keep whatever we promise.

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